‘Iacta alea est’

Form Formation: Further Research

My research up until this point has been relatively superficial. I have taken a surface-level view of popular frameworks and associated form libraries.

To really get into the meat of different trade-offs it makes sense for the research to take a concrete turn. It’s time to talk code.

Normally I would try and seek out the bounds of the problem to ensure any initial design also took into account an as yet unneeded but in the future required functionality. That way you don’t build yourself into a local maxima and then realise you have to throw away your assumptions when later features require a change of direction.

At this stage, a fully fledged form with advanced elements seems like the wrong place to start. Instead I think I will focus on a simple example and build out from there. It’s part of the deal when thinking in public and there will be no shame if I eventually have to retrace certain steps.

Wednesday 16th June 2021.